The Impact of Humanity on The Environment

Image result for nuclear bomb
Image result for nuclear power plantIn the modern world, humans have created technological revolutions over the past decades and one of those are nuclear powers. Nuclear power has created many development and tragedies over the years, and many of those have affected the environment. One of those is in WWII, one of Japanś major city, Fukushima got bombed by the US governor, for the Japanese to surrender and for them to win the war. The impact here is the ecosystem inside and surrounding Fukushima. The aftermath is that the city became uninhabitable to both men and creatures. The impact was big enough to create an awareness to the world that, nuclear weapons are to be prohibited in modern warfare. On the other side, people and scientist have created nuclear power plant instead of nuclear bomb which is very destructive in power. Nuclear power can be developed in different ways, both good and bad.


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