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Predator and prey
Best subject ever I like it because it's about animal world and I get to learn interesting stuff a lot of the thing in the wild is a phenomenal that can't be found in the city anymore.
I don't like Habitat because it's all about you're memory, to be totally honest there a little bit of understanding stuff too but not enough.
1. I think the oxygen because some plants is turning darker and the teacher said that there is fungi in it and the fungi will eat the oxygen.
2. I found that the tanks shape might be the cause of trouble because the bottle shape will spread light differently.
3. There poop because I saw so much poop flying around the bottle.
My fish lived because it ate the plant and stay alive.
My bottle are different from other bottle because I didn't drop too much blue dye, and may fish ate the plant and I think it receive enough light but not too much.
I would put in a bigger and healthier plant than the plant now.